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Monday, August 2, 2010

Youth Ministries - More than games?

I always have to laugh a little when I'm out buying supplies for our weekly youth group meetings and my list includes items like pantyhose, squirt-guns, pool noodles, and water balloons. Hearing a list like that might give the impressions that all we do in Youth Minsitries is play games and have fun.

In reality, while a big part of working with youth involves games and fun, these things are only tools to be used to reach individual students with the truth of God's Word. The games are mearly a vehicle we use to draw in students so that we have the opportunity to invest in their lives in a meaningful way. In actual practice, fun and games play only a small part of the overall goings on in youth work.

What do you think?


  1. It's funny that you mention this. Last Wednesday, when we broke out into our family groups, one of the high schoolers made the comment that she missed the times when her friends looked forward to going to church to learn about Jesus. She said it seems that the older she gets, the more her friends come as a social outlet.

    Though this sounds negative initially, I think it really is a positive. As these kids are going older, outside influences are becoming stronger and stronger...influences that tell them church is boring, God doesn't matter and that they should only look out for themselves. Instead of giving up on the kids that may not have maintained their passion for God, we are continually trying to meet them where they are.

    Yes, we've created an environment here at El Camino where kids can come socialize with others their age and play games. But this has never been done at the expense of the Word of God. There is always strong Biblical teaching given and strong Christian leaders that can form relationships with these kids.

    I think we're doing a great job of adapting to student's needs without compromising the Truth.

  2. Maybe the kids have it right and we grown ups have it wrong. As long as we remain grounded in the word and strive to teach the gospel, what does it matter if it's done via bubbles, water balloons, or a silly game of Cubbie Cubbie Cubbie Bear (Duck Duck Goose Cubbie style) I've commented before that we need VBS for grownups, to come back to the shear joy of learning God's word, playing a game with friends who are hearing the same message and just having fun for a bit. Maybe I have it wrong, but I don't think so