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Friday, August 13, 2010

School Supplies

Buying school supplies each year is a rite of passage. We trade our flip flops and swim suits for yellow pencils with orange erasers and reams of notebook paper. A box of pencils for $.09 and a 24 pack of Crayola crayons for a quarter just can’t be beat! I no longer have children in school, but I stock up our children’s ministries cupboards with enough supplies to last us throughout the year. I saved us over $400 this year. Shopping sales is so rewarding!

On this particular day, I approached the school supply aisle and it was packed. There was no way I was getting my shopping cart in there, and I’d be lucky if I could fit. As I surveyed my options, a thought struck my mind. If 75% of the school children who attend our Good News Clubs are unchurched and don’t know Jesus, then I bet 75% of the children crammed into that school supply aisle don’t either.

Looking at those beautiful, precious children with huge smiles on their faces, excitedly loading up their arms and carts with new school supplies, broke my heart. They are so happy right now, but will they be for eternity? Do they know Jesus died to pay for their sins so they could live forever with Him in Heaven? How many of them will have an opportunity to hear the Good News before it is too late?

At El Camino we sponsor Good News Clubs in neighboring public schools. We go in on Wednesday afternoons from about 1:00-2:30 and teach a club similar to Sunday School. The children are little sponges and they respond so readily to God’s Truth and the Gospel of Salvation. We have a tremendous mission field literally in our front yard. We are fasting and praying that God will lead hearts to join us on this mission field, ripe for the harvesting.

Will you join us in prayer and possibly by serving on a three person ministry team? School starts next week and clubs start early next month. The harvest is plentiful! I guarantee that this is even more rewarding than saving $400, and it is an investment that will last for eternity!

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