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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Recognizing Servants

True servants don't need recognition. They serve because they feel the call to serve and their joy comes from helping others. However, it is also an encouragment when others recognize the sacrifice of service and give thanks. Last week I mentioned that we should all go up to a deaconess and give them a word of thanks for their service. How about making giving others a word of encouragement a habit of life? It develops a spirit of appreciation and the skill of building up others. This week I have on my mind a group of men who get very little public recognition. They call themselves the "Weed and Seed" group. This is a group of men who spend time each week caring for plants, picking up trash, cleaning and maintaining the property, and trying to develop a family friendly atmosphere on the campus that God has entrusted to El Camino Baptist Church. You don't know who they are? Ask people like Jim Stark, Steve Smith, and Jerry Rosser who some of these guys are so that you can personally thank them for their diligent work which is regularly volunteered.

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  1. I certainly appreciate that they keep the playgrounds so tidy. I love the shade the mesquite trees offer, but they continually drop bean pods and little leaves. When I leave on Thursday the playground is covered. Come Sunday morning, it is pristine and so welcoming to children and our volunteers. Plus, the children LOVE the flower beds by their classrooms. I'll have to be sure to thank them personally as well.