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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Have Fun Praising God

So the Contemporary praise team has it's practice on Monday nights and we are learning a new song together, Lincoln Brewster's "Salvation Is Here". While we all knew the melody, there's a very big difference between that and being able to play it cohesively as a group of different instruments and voices. It's a really upbeat song with lots of drums, bass and distorted guitar and those songs can be somewhat difficult to get the timing down right. But once we started playing, we kind of forgot about a lot of the technical stuff and just had a great time praising God as a group of believers.

IT'S FUN TO GIVE GOD PRAISE!!!!!!! We felt blessed to be able to do that as a close-knit team and I hope that on Sunday morning, people are able to join us in the exuberance of doing exactly what we were created to do...give God glory!!


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