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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Regret is an appalling waste of energy. You can't build on it; it's only good for wallowing in. - Katherine Mansfield

On Tuesday nights, members of the Believers Living In Truth ABF meet for a time of study and accountaibility. We are currently going through the "Crazy Love" book and DVD series and last night's chapter talked at length about regret. If we were to die tomorrow, what would be our greatest regret in life?

I struggle with this question because I don't believe regret comes from God. I think we regret two things in life:

1) SIN: If we sin, we should of course be repentant and ensure that behavior is not repeated, but we shouldn't be consumed by it. We need the forgiveness that only comes from Christ but then we need to lay the burden of sin at His feet. Guilt is for the unrepentant; freedom is for the forgiven.

2) UNFULFILLED EXPECTATIONS: How often do we wish that we had done something differently to gain a more beneficial outcome for ourselves? But isn't God's plan for our lives perfect? We are growing and maturing as believers as we live our lives...the lives that God has designed for us.

Regret has no place in a Christian's life so cast all your cares upon Him and trust that He has a plan for you.


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  1. Wow! Exactly what I've been struggling with recently. I waste so much energy wallowing in regret. Your words, Francis Chan's, and especially God's, are very comforting and encouraging. Thank you for taking the time to share them!