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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Enemy Attacks

James 4:7 Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. We all know that the Christian's enemy is the devil. One of his favorite tactics is to go after the leadership in a church. It can take many forms. It can be enticement to ungodly behavior. It can be an attack on their family. It can also be in the form of distraction and disunity. Satan loves to start factions, rumors, lies, and gossip. In so doing, he can undermine confidence in leadership. If he takes out the leadership, he can take out the entire church. We really need to pray for our pastors, elders, and leaders in the church.

What are some other methods have you seen that Satan uses to get at leaders?


  1. Your blog was both insightful and a bit scary. We need to keep up our guard and 'pray without ceasing.' I think Satan also sometimes uses pride and arrogance so we need to continue to humble ourselves on a daily basis before God. Thank you for being such a good role model for leading with humility.

  2. I know that confidence can be shaken in many different areas of my life. Yes, I know that God loves me (and that should be a "period"; however, I hear the "but" coming...) BUT I am remembering that just because I read the scriptures where He tells me that He will not forsake me. Every "jab" I feel just makes me put on my "questioning" cap, because I know He has allowed that to happen to me for a reason...which I am confident is to change me.