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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Prayer Engine

So we are going to be adding a new feature to the website in a week or two and wanted to tell you all so you could get excited about it. It is called the Prayer Engine and it is an online prayer wall. If you have a prayer request you can post it on the wall (either with your name or anonymously). This request would be visable to the site's visitors so they can pray for you but the best part is you will be notified when someone is praying for you.

Imagine the peace, comfort and courage that comes from knowing a congregation is praying for you! Then imagine the excitement that can be shared with others when God answers that prayer! So be on the lookout for this exciting new tool.



  1. more instructions on how to post the prayer request please

  2. @AFScrapperMom: I think once we implement it on the site, I'll do a little video tutorial to accompany it. We'll make it as accessible as possible for sure because we want a broad range of people to be able to use it and enjoy it.

  3. Yes, awesome visual revisited for me (the actual Western Wall in Israel). I remember taking a small piece of paper on which I had written requests for two friends and rolled it into a small scroll shape....then pushing it every so gently into the crack of two huge stones. That small space was loaded with small papers just like the one I had push into it. I cried during the experience and knew I needed that.