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Monday, May 23, 2011

The World Didn't End

Well the prophecy was stated, “The World will end May 21.” May 21 has come and gone and the world is still here. According to the Old Testament, the ones who issued the prophesy should be stoned as false prophets. A true prophet’s words, since they are from God, will always come to past. There are many false prophets today broadcasting the end is near. Some are saying it will occur at the end of the Mayan calendar. False prophets come and false prophets go but God remains.

I do believe the end is near. I just don’t know “How near?” It could be today (Come Lord Jesus Come). It could be years, decades away. However, at the right moment, the trump shall sound and the saints will be gathered to be with Jesus. I honestly don’t get upset with all the “End is near” say-ers. God tells us that end is coming so that we will be prepared, ready for the time of His appearance. He has warned the unbelievers that He is coming in judgment. He has encouraged the believers that He is coming to reward.

When He comes, will He find me looking for Him? I prepare for His coming by living in obedience to the Word and telling others about the true God who died on the cross for their sins. In other words, I live as though He were coming today, even if He waits for years to come.


  1. That's right! Matt. 24:36-39. God bless Brotha-

  2. If someone came up and asked each of us: "If you know Christ were coming today, what would you be doing?", our answer should be "What I'm doing right now... no change!".