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Friday, May 27, 2011

What Are Your Thoughts?

Wednesday MikelAnn and I went on numerous home visits to invite unchurched Good News Club families to attend Camp E.D.G.E. I was amazed at how many people live within a mile of our church...and that was just south! A mail carrier once told me that in just the few apartment complexes within a 1 mile radius of El Camino there were 10,000+ apartments. Mind boggling. And that doesn't even count houses.

If we focused on reaching out to just those within arms reach of us, the impact could be huge! Our little piece of the world isn't little.

I wonder what effective outreach to our neighbors would look like. What are your ideas to help them know who Jesus is?


  1. This has been a question on my mind for some time, Diane, and I sure don't have any easy answers. The only thought in my mind is that we have to live Christ in front of them. I'm thinking something extraordinary - beyond the norm. What would it look like to do unusual, extraordinary things for the people around us? I know that's not an answer, rather another question!

  2. Just got off of Skype with Pastor Vinh. We talked about each month having three Sundays a month of worship and the fourth being a social, neighborhood time, where we would invite everyone in the blocks around us. It would be completely a social time, but to build relationships and invite people back for church services.