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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Warm Fuzzies

Sunday afternoon my four year old daughter, Emmaleigh, came home from AWANA where she learned something new to her - the Gospel Fuzzies Glove presentation of the gospel. It's not surprising that she would be excited about a new craft project from AWANA - she is a wonderfully creative little girl and being able to sing along to the gospel message while wearing a black glove with colorful "fuzzies" (pom poms) on each finger was certainly a treat for her.

What did surprise me was that when our neighbors (who are not believers) came walking by, she sang the gospel fuzzies song while showing them what each color meant - my daughter presented the gospel without shame - with excitement - to our neighbors without ever considering what they might think or how they might respond. She was so excited about Jesus and this new way to share the Good News, that she could do nothing other than speak out.

The next surprise was how it made me feel - I felt proud as a daddy watching his little girl share about Jesus. But I found myself wondering what my neighbors were thinking while she sang this little song to them. The surprise to me was that I was wondering this at all - while my four year old daughter never gave it a second thought.

I have known these neighbors for over five years and never shared the gospel with them (they do know I'm a pastor), and it took Emmaleigh to tell them the good news of Jesus Christ. God used this incident as a window into my own heart - a heart that needs to be much more focused on sharing, boldly, with those around me.

What are your thoughts as to why we often find ourselves saying nothing to those most in need of hearing about Jesus?


  1. Thanks Stu,
    I've got the same issues as an adult in sharing with my firends. Your post made all the rough days of getting ready for AWANA and pushing homework and what not so worth it. That's why Jesus said "Let the Little Children Come" They just get it, and we grownups sometimes don't!

  2. For Emmy, it is all about God. She overflows with that 'first love' that we grow to forget as self battles for center stage. Her exuberance that everyone know the wonderful things that she knows about God is so inspiring. Jesus said that unless we become like little children, humbling ourselves... My prayer is that I, and we, will all love God so much, like Emmy does, like many little ones do, that we won't even think about how someone may be taking the message. We need to focus on the fact that it is the best news in the world, and get started sharing.

    AFScapper Mom...AKA Vickie, and all the wonderful volunteers who invest countless hours partnering with parents to help children know and love God more...thank you for our selfless service. You are the best!!

  3. I echo Diane's praise and thanks for all the wonderful laborers who have invested in our little Emmy (and Livy and Abby too). I love that there is a strong clear message at home and at church for our children! Thank you for loving the kids in our church family!