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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Sunday

My youngest son heard that in one locale that they were trying to change the name of "Easter Eggs" to "Holiday Spheres" so that no religion is being promoted. Now personally I would like to see the Easter Bunny blown into oblivion because it distracts from the Resurrection and takes a once appropriate illustration of life bringing and transforms it into a fairy tale myth which has no part in the Church. However, I see this attempt to do away with Easter Eggs as just another way the world would like to shove Christianity into the basement and lock it away.

However, I have this to say about why I observe Easter. I serve a RISEN Master. I serve the TRUE God who was crucified, dead, buried, and ROSE again the third day. There is an empty tomb because my SAVIOR LIVES.

Easter celebrates the most significant day in history. It is not the day when God came to earth but the day God demonstrated that He conquered death and sin on our behalf. Now I can live in forgiveness and freedom because I know my REDEEMER lives. It doesn't matter what the world says about Easter or how they try to stomp it out. No one has the power or ability to squash the Almighty God, Jesus Christ. I will continue to Worship and Serve Him and celebrate Easter as the day my GOD ROSE TRIUMPHANTLY FROM THE GRAVE.

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  1. In the busy-ness of life, it is so easy to lose sight of just how amazing and powerful and loving God truly and always is. Thank you for this timely reminder.