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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Being Shaped by God

Today I'm continuing my reading in a book by Henry Blackaby entitled "Created to be God's Friend" It's the account of how God worked in Abraham's life. I'm going to share a section of the book that talks about worship, it is as follows: "It is preeminently true that no one can be shaped by God and consistently blessed by God who has not established his heart in worship! It is in worship that God has purposed to reveal Himself, in ever-increasing measure. Continually notice how God shapes the mind and heart of Abraham as he worships. Worship is deliberate, steady, focused time with God. Worship anticipates not only an encounter with God, but also a clear next word from God. Worship is God's way of developing character and directing the life into the center of His will. The ultimate outcome of consistent worship is a life totally yielded to God on God's terms.

Pastor Dick

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  1. Wow! Thank you. Sunday mornings are often so busy and distracting that I sometimes feel I haven't worshiped God well. There's a lot more to worship than I understood before. I want to worship more. I want to be totally yielded to God. I want my heart and mind to be completed shaped by Him!