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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spend Time In Peaceful Wonder

The past couple of weeks I have felt like noise has enveloped me. I am constantly around people, dealing with issues, making decisions. I usually have my quiet time with God in the mornings but many times I get distracted by what I have to do that day.

So last night around 8pm I took my Bible, my devotional journal and my new little kitten Milo out on the back patio. It was already quite dark and the stars were out. I spent some time reading from Isaiah and then just looked at the stars...and was quiet. I watched as Milo gnawed at the chair I was sitting in. I prayed for our church for all the events coming up and for our leaders. I sang "God Of Wonders". And that was it. It was simple. It was serene.

In I Kings 19:11-12, Elijah finds out that God wasn't in the wind, in the earthquake or in the fire. He was in the still, small voice...the one that we have to stop our busyness and listen for.


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  1. Great thoughts Hoss! It is such a blessing to spend our lives serving God. But I agree. The very best part of life is the time we have sitting at His feet. Just us and Him. He is such a wise, loving God. I'm so glad He chose me to be His!