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Friday, September 10, 2010

Jesus' Precious Sacrifice

I just read Hoss' blog from a couple days ago. It reminded me of a situation that occurred in Good News Club this week. I had the honor of sharing the Gospel message with a delightful group of first graders who are mostly unchurched and new to the things of God.

When I talked about Jesus dying to pay for our sins because He loved us so much and wanted to live with us forever, a little guy in the front row got big crocodile tears in his eyes. I have never noticed anyone I have shared the gospel with ever respond that way before. It reminded me that Jesus' sacrifice was so incredible! I always appreciate it, but I tend to take it for granted at times.

Thank you little guy for reminding me how precious the shed blood of Jesus is!! Thank you Jesus for loving us so much! Like Pastor Ron mentioned in his blog, Lord, please help us live our lives fully surrendered to You as our love gift back to you!

How do you keep the remembrance of His sacrifice fresh in your life?

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