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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Silence in Worship

I continue to read a book by Matt Redman entitled "Facedown" I want to share with you today about an aspect of worship we seldom see in our services. We at times are so concerned about loud and energy that we forget to be "Still" before God. Here is an portion of this book and I encourage each of us to think about being still before God. "There is a time for every kind of sound when we gather together to worship God through music-a time for majestic anthems and a time to quietly whisper His praise, a time for dancing in abandoned celebration and a time for stately chords that speak of His holy splendor. Yet there is also a time when the most appropriate response is simply to be still-and in that stillness know that He is God." I hope that sometime each day we will take time to be still before God.

Pastor Dick

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