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Friday, September 17, 2010


Wednesday evening in Children's Prayer meeting we talked about how uniquely God created each of them. It was a table full of bright, gifted, and talented children. I explained that they were going to be good at whatever they set their minds to in life.

I challenged them to decide right now, while they are young, that no matter how successful they were capable of becoming in this world, that they would choose to serve God first and foremost, with their whole hearts and complete devotion.

God created us to know Him and make Him known. Life is that simple. Is everything we do aimed at those goals? Yes, we need to pay rent and eat. But how many decisions do we make that are taking us away from these goals as opposed to freeing us to pursue them? And are we pursuing them in the midst of those activities?

While at work, are we focused on working in such a way that people see us as extraordinary, and want to be our friend? And then do we take the next step and have them over to our home and share with them why we are the way we are?

I tell children that God puts them in the classroom, on the sports team, in the dance class that they are in because there are children in that same place who don't know Him yet. I tell them that God placed them there because He trusts them with His very important message of salvation. I challenge them to be trustworthy and faithful to share God's great message with their friends. What an honor!!

Am I trustworthy and faithful? Are you? Let's pray that we'll grow in this area.

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