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Monday, May 17, 2010

Worship Styles or Preferences

For years churches have debated what style of singing we should have in our church. Notice I didn't say "what style of Worship" As most would agree the whole time together is Worship. Reading God's Word, singing, praying, giving an offering, fellowship, & hearing the Word of God shared from our Pastor.

So why the debate, is Amazing Grace from the hymnal really better than Amazing Grace ( My Chains are Gone) or is it just what we prefer.

Also, what do you think makes a service Classical, Blended or Contemporary.

Dick Dillender
Worship Pastor


  1. I would like to put in my 2 cents, as to what I think makes the different worship services.
    To me, Classical is more "formal" , in dress,ie: coat and tie and Sunday Best. Song choice, ie: traditional hymns, organ music, choir singing. Communion is served formally.

    Contemporary is "relaxed", in dress, ie:, work dress, jeans and come as you are. Song choice, ie: contemporary worship songs, the "newer" songs that are what is being played on KLOVE and such, guitar,keyboards, drums etc. Communion can be served formally or placed in an area where you can go get your Communion when ready.

    Blended: I Am thinking it should be a regular "mix" of the top two styles, incorporating ALL worship styles, sometimes a good mix of traditional music, some Contemporary Music with a mix of the "praise" songs. Being BLENDED means to me to BLEND those styles together.

    thanks for asking, Hope more El Camino people weigh in on this subject..

    And thank you to all who make all El Camino Worship Services so Excellent on Sunday!

  2. I love both!I would love to sing both during Contemporary service,it's a timeless song. So is Come Thy Fount

  3. Hi Dick, first of all I want you to know I pray for you daily and especially that you will not change any of our classic hymns or music, i.e. that you will not change the lyrics or the melodies from what was originally written. It is not fair to the authors of these hymns to have anyone change them - people should write their own! Only the old hymns teach doctrine,focus on Christ and Heaven and create an atmosphere of reverent worship. Carolyn Wheeler