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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Priorities of Life

Matthew 6:33 says to seek FIRST His Kingdom and righteousness. What does that mean? My intial thoughts are the highest priorities of life should be seeking God, expanding His kingdom, and living Biblical righteousness. Do we actualy believe this? In many ways, I seriously doubt that most believers in the USA (even among many at El Camino) make God a priority of life. I think most people seek God only when they have a need or its fun. Few really discipline themselves to make God the highest priority of life and activities. If God was the highest priority of our life, wouldn't we be consistent in daily devotions and prayer? If His kingdom is our desire, wouldn't ministry at church be a priority? What are your thoughts on this subject? How can we at El Camino seek God first?

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  1. Matt 6:33 is one of the few places God explicitly gives us priorities. So it must be pretty important. It is in the context of a discussion about things that worry us. Clearly the blogger is worried about evangalism, devotions, prayer, ministry. IMHO we each need to have laser-like focus on seeking God and living righteously. Don't let the worries blur our focus. God promises that if we stay focused, those things that worry us will be taken care of by Him.