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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Come and See

In the Gospel of John, a simple phrase stands out - "Come and See." When Andrew, brother of Peter, first met the Lord, Jesus responded to his initial inquiry with a simple phrase "Come and See." Later Philip would respond to Nathaniel's questions with a simply "Come and See." The woman at the well would call the Samaritans to "Come and See" a man who told me all things I have ever done.

Sometimes in our efforts to share Jesus with other people we think that we must know the answers to all their questions. In the process, do we make sharing the gospel harder that it really is? Sometimes all our response to another needs to be is to "Come and See" Jesus. In so doing, we allow them to experience and see for themselves the living Lord Jesus Christ.

As sharers of the gospel, our responsibility is to introduce people to Jesus (not necessary answer every possible theological/Biblical question imaginable). Let's not be afraid nor ashamed to invited others to "Come and See" our marvelous and exalted Lord and Savior.

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