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Thursday, December 2, 2010

God answers Prayers

I have been thinking about El Camino this last week. We have prayed Romans 12:1-2 for the church all year long. I asked myself - How has the church been transformed? Firmly believing that God answers prayer, I looked for ways in which we have been changed for the better, more like Jesus. I asked several different groups if they had noticed any change or transformation in the church. It is interesting the answers I have received. People have noticed that God is at work in our lives both individually and collectively as a church. We have seen a number of individuals taking personal interest in sharing the gospel. We have seen a shift of attitudes. We have seen God at work at El Camino. We know that we are not perfect but it is encouraging to know that we are progressing for the better.

I have prayed Romans 12:1-2 for myself as well. I have noticed that God has been working in my heart and soul. I have seen Him give me great peace and calmness. I have seen Him strengthen my resolve to follow Him. I have seen God at work in my life as well.

As the new year begins to approach, ask yourself - What has God done in me this year? Praise Him for that. Then ask yourself - What has God done at El Camino this year? Praise Him for what He has done. Share your observations of the way God has worked in you and in the church with others. I think this will encourage each of us as we see and hear that God still answers prayer.

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