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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where are my arrows?

Joel Hibbs is the son in law of Verna Tharp. Joel was El Camino's first paid custodial person. Since then he has served in ministry and until recently was a pastor at a CBA church in Page. Recently he was diagnosed with mesothelioma. This is likely the result of receiving radiation treat for Hodgkin's disease about 20 years ago. His prognosis is terminal.

Just last week Bert Downs, Regional Executive Director of the Southwest CBA, met with Joel whom he has know since their seminary days in the 80's. Bert writes as follows:

In the course of conversation, I asked Joel, "What's your best memory from your years of ministry." Without hesitation he said, "The first person I led to faith in Christ." My "why" question was followed with this answer: "Because he was an arrow that traveled far."

What great imagery! Here was a person Joel took from no knowledge of Jesus to maturity in Him and His ministry, to a life well lived for Jesus and to leadership in the church. An arrow that traveled far, indeed. My guess is that Joel has many arrows like that out there . . . and he left me wondering, who are my arrows? And who are yours?

Joel continues to stimulate each of us to consider our ways. Where are my arrows? How has God used me in the life of others and how far have they gone as a result? Each of us should be continually mentoring and discipling others. This is my heart and passion. I trust it is yours as well.

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  1. Wow! I never thought of discipling that way. This is a great illustration. I hope that someday I can look back and see that at least some of my arrows have "traveled far."