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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reaching Others

While I was at a pastor's event this week, I was reminded of a very important principle. Several people were talking about having the event again next year and how to get more people on board. The man leading the group said, "It is not the event that is important. It is the change in our lives that we can share that will bring more people."

In terms of growing El Camino, we need to remember that our purpose is not merely to get others to come to church (the event). What is important is getting them to share in the life change that we are experiencing. Whether we are evangelizing or introducing another to the opportunities available at El Camino, we are more prone to impact their lives if we share our excitement and our changed lives. As we do that with our group of family, friends, and acquaintances, we infect them with excitement and expectancy.

This has more far reaching influence with people than by publications and advertising. We will reach more people for Christ and see more people coming to El Camino as we share the excitement and joy we have from believing in Him and as we share the way God is using God's church at El Camino to change and encourage me.

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