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Thursday, March 10, 2011

God's Greatest Task in Life

I was talking with Arny Humble this week and he made a comment that struck me like a harpoon in the heart. He mentioned that in some ways his children had felt like his life and ministry had been put on hold for the last seven years as he cared for Wanda after her stroke. He then looked at me and said, "That is not true. I have just completed the greatest task God has given me in this life." He expressed that the most important thing he has done in life for the Lord was to love and care for his wife. No other accomplishment in life meant more to him than treating Wanda as his primary ministry. His life wasn't on hold for seven years as he cared for her after her stroke. His life was being lived for the fullest for God as he loved and ministered to her.

As Arny shared I was moved by his words. How we all need to be reminded that the most significant thing we can accomplish in life is to love and care for our mates and children. How easy it is to think that the important things of life are money, job, recognition by others, or even public ministry. That is not God's viewpoint. He places importance on fulfilling the responsibilities He has given us for our family.

May each of us consider our Biblical responsibilites as a mate and be able to say with confidence and pride, "I am finishing the greatest calling in my life as I care for my mate and children."

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  1. Wise words! May we all finish as well as Arny did!!