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Friday, January 7, 2011

Together For God's Glory

Getting a new calendar is fun. It is exciting to see the blank pages and know that I have choices as to how to spend those days, hours and minutes. Granted, some things are non-negotiable. But for the most part, I can choose what I will spend my life focusing on. We all can.

God has an incredible plan. He is busy establishing His Kingdom and transforming peoples' lives. He is going to complete His work with or without us. Graciously, lovingly, He offers us opportunities to join Him in His work.

We can join Him by praying (John 14:12-14). By praying we help provide spiritual resources for His Kingdom work.

We can join Him by serving (John 13:12-17). By serving we are the human resources for His Kingdom work.

We can join Him by giving (Luke 6:38). By giving money we can help provide the financial resources for His Kingdom work.

This year at El Camino we were blessed to see nearly 600 people give their lives to Jesus. They are now part of God's Kingdom! Each person at El Camino who prayed or served or gave financially had a part in those souls being saved. By being obedient to God through prayer, service and giving, God was glorified! He was made known to those who didn't know Him. Together we have exalted Him. What an honor and privilege we have to serve our Lord. What a gift to be able to do it together.

Lord, please help us to clearly know, without a doubt, what Your plan is for us here at El Camino this year. May we spend each moment, each ounce of energy and each penny in a way that glorifies You!

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