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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Urgency of the Times

The End is Near!   How many times have we heard that?   After a point, it begins to lose its sense of urgency.  We can become like "The Boy who cried Wolf."  People begin to ignore the pleas.  Scripture tells us that in the last days people will be crying out the Lord is here or He is here.  People will hear but, in light of all the false reports, most people will simply ignore the inevitable fact the Jesus is coming.

If Jesus is coming (and I believe He is coming sooner rather than later), then we need to be urgently about the Lord's business.  We need to be warning people of the impending judgment at the hands of a righteous God.  Diane posted an article that reflected on the need to share the gospel with a friend who is very critically ill.  If we knew Jesus were coming tomorrow, would it incite us to share with loved ones?  We don't know the day or the hour but we all need the same urgency and desire to share the good news of Jesus to a dying world as though it were going to occur tomorrow (and it could).

One of our goals as a church is that every person be urgently sharing the gospel.  This should result in each of us seeing at least one person a year come to saving faith.  Then if we disciple that person, they can disciple others.  One of El Camino's mission speakers on Sunday addressed this very issue.  Our motivation for doing this should be the shortness of time that we have remaining on earth.  I don't know when Jesus is coming but I do think it could be soon.  I do know that I need to be filled with the urgency and necessity to be sharing the gospel with as many people as God allows because it could be today!

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