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Monday, February 28, 2011

God Answers Prayer

On Sunday, Alice Statler (one of the career missionaries El Camino supports) approached me before the service. We exchanged greetings. I hadn't realized she was back from Senegal. She shared a little bit about why she was in the States and then asked for prayer. She was scheduled to return to Senegal on Wednesday but had lost her passport and it was looking doubtful that she would be able to replace it because all of her original birth certificates were back in Senegal. As a church, we prayed on Sunday. We received the following from Alice on Monday:

Dear Friends,
Tom and Judith were able to get my birth certificate in less than half an hour. They went straight to the post office and it is being 'overnighted' to me in Tucson. It should arrive by noon tomorrow. I went to the passport agency and they said to come in as soon as it arrives and they will expedite my passport. So….I should be on that plane heading back to Senegal on Wednesday morning! Praise the Lord! Thank you so much for all you have done by your prayers and your efforts and by giving to meet my needs! I am so humbled by your love and care and by the Lord's amazing power! Love, Alice

God answers prayer! In addition to that, the Sunday before we prayed for individuals who were in the need of a job. This was a bit disconcerting for some when I asked everyone to stand who had that need. After this Sunday's service, one individual came to me and expressed how they stood up when I ask but did so a bit reluctantly. However, they said on the Tuesday following the prayer time they received a job offer that they had been pursuing!!! I heard of two different people who received jobs that week.

God does answer prayer. He is so good. He will answer your prayers - wait on the Lord for He is good and His love is everlasting. He is concerned with all your needs and promises to meet them.

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